Debunking Six Common Men skincare Myths

Debunking Six Common Men skincare Myths

Only a few things are better than a flawless skin. Although women are more into beauty, nobody said men should not have the beautiful skin tone like everybody else. One of the determent to men achieving the perfect skin is because of the myths surrounding Amcal men skin care. Here are the common men skincare myths that require urgent debunking.

1. You should shave against the grain

Many men are of the idea that the best way to shave is to go against the direction of hair growth. The idea is terrible because it may lead to irritation, redness and painful, unsightly ingrown hairs. With the right razor and best quality shaving cream, you will get a nearly perfect shave when going with the grain. It is a top men skincare tip which will also reduce the possibility of razor burns as well as other painful side effects. However, shaving with the grain is a sensitive process. Usually, the hair on men’s faces grows in various directions and thus you ought to pay attention so that you can tell when you need to change the blade’s direction.

2. Men do not need to moisturize since they have oily skin

Although men have more oily skin as compared to women, it does not mean that they should skip the moisturizer. If you dry your skin out, it is likely to produce more oil. When the skin is dehydrated, the oil glands tend to respond by creating more sebum to put up with the demand for moisture. Therefore, the more you allow your skin to dehydrate, the higher the oil production. Moisturizing your skin with Amcal Nivea Men Creme is a top men skincare procedure.

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3. Popping pimples is the best way of getting rid of acne

Whatever the circumstance, never pop that pimple. Popping pimples leave behind dark and long lasting marks. It is better to have a temporary zit than a permanent scar. If you have an acne problem, talking to your dermatologist is the best men skincare tip.

4. You require a sunblock only when it is sunny outside

You should always use sun protection regardless of the weather outside. Let’s say on a cloudy day, remember that clouds do not protect you from UV rays. Such rays can be reflected on various surfaces, thus increasing your risk to sun’s exposure. It is recommended that you utilize quality men’s sunscreen anytime you want to step outside your house. Men skincare rules dictate that you need to apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before heading out.

5. The foamier the shaving cream, the better

This is one of the biggest lies because the foam is not a marker of quality for a shaving cream. What you should look out to are the moisture levels. Purchase creams that contain soothing ingredients such as vitamin E, oils, and nut butter. Make sure that the moisture elements are also sufficient.

6. Acne is a result of bad diet; skin products won’t help

Men are more susceptible to acne than women because of male hormones known as androgens, such as testosterone. Therefore, your acne problems have more to do with your hormonal cycles more than what you eat. The best way to manage acne is to exfoliate, moisturize and cleanse. All the same, stick to a healthy eating plan that will maintain a normal hormonal balance; it is one of the top men skincare tips.

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