Baby Health Products

Baby Health Products

One of the hardest moments for a parent is when their babies fall sick. Common health problems with babies include fevers, colds, vomiting, coughs and diarrhea. Skin problems such as diaper rashes are also frequent with babies. Most of these health problems are not serious and can be monitored and managed with different baby health products.There are many baby health products available for parents and healthcare providers to help their babies. These enable the babies’ health and comfort to be kept in check. The parents should however be able to understand warning signs for more serious problems and inform their healthcare providers immediately.

Discussed below are some of the most common and essential Amcal baby health products.

A thermometer is an instrument used in measuring temperatures. It is important to monitor babies’ body temperatures because fever may have serious consequences or even turn fatal. Monitoring the temperature enables the parent to know when an anti-fever medication is needed.

Digital thermometers and rectal thermometers are used for this purpose and cannot be omitted from the baby health products list.

Non Aspirin Pain and Fever Reliever
Colds and immunizations are associated with pain and fevers. Since they are quite common, it is important to add a non aspirin pain and fever reliever such as acetaminophen to the baby health products. For babies above 6 months, ibuprofen may be given.

Saline Drops and Nasal Aspirators
These are used for removal of snot from babies’ noses. Babies produce a lot of snot that make their breathing, eating and sleeping difficult. It is therefore necessary to keep saline drops and nasal aspirators together with other baby health products. The saline nasal drops loosen the snot and mucus facilitating easier removal with nasal aspirators.

Oral Rehydrating Salts
These cannot be excluded from the baby health products list. They are used to make oral rehydrating solutions by mixing with clean drinking water. They are used for electrolyte balance and rehydration after vomiting or diarrhea.

Oral Syringes
Babies may be given medicines that don’t come with measuring droppers. It is therefore essential that the parent keeps an oral syringe that is used to measure and deliver such medications accurately.

Anti-gas Drops and Gripe Water
Colic pain is a common problem with many babies. Parents are advised to keep gripe water, anti-gas drops as well as Amcal Marina Infant Colic Mix along other baby health products. This is because they are quite effective in relieving the colic pain.

Image for Marina Infant Colic Mix - 200mL from Amcal

Insect Repellents
Insect bites can result irritations and rashes. Other insects such as mosquitoes are vectors of transmitting diseases. Insect repellents for babies are used to ensure that such insects don’t bite the babies.

Petroleum Jellies and Diaper Rash Creams
Petroleum jellies are necessary to keep the babies humidified. The diaper rashes occur in many babies as a result of wetness, sensitivity, infections and introduction of new foods. Diaper rash creams are used in management and prevention of these rashes. They act as barriers on the skin protecting the skin from urine and stool.

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